Data Extraction Services

Utilizing information from various sources is crucial for making informed business decisions. Data extraction services are exceedingly useful for retrieving data for further processing or storage from a range of different mediums. However, the process for data extraction is very time consuming and can result in a large amount of errors if not completed effectively. Codeistic is a leading data extraction company and can deliver information from a wide range of sources within a short turn around time.

Our process involves retrieving relevant, unstructured data from the web, analyzing this data and formatting the data according to the requirements of the client..

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services​

Data has the power to drive businesses to certain success. however, this data needs to be easily retrievable in an electronic format for maximized value to be generated from it. in the case of scanned documents with printed, typewritten or handwritten text, retyping data from the document or its scan into a computer to make it editable is an extremely time-consuming task, which can distract your employees from focusing on core competencies. we offers optical character recognition (ocr) services that can convert data in a scanned document into an editable format, thereby improving your workflow and productivity.

OCR Clean-up Services

Today’s business productivity requires the management of large volumes of business documents and the data they contain, through methods such as data entry and data processing. This need has necessitated the widespread use of Optical Character Recognition as a dominant way of managing the processing of large volumes of data in documents in a short span of time. OCR is a very advanced technology used for data entry processes. It requires specialized equipment and skilled personnel.

  • Meta data extraction services.
  • PDF data extraction services.
  • Educational material search.
  • Business information search.
  • Database extraction services.
  • Web data extraction services.

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